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A Shameful Act

Taschenbuch "The definitive account of the organized destruction of the Ottoman Armenians . . . No future discussion of the history will be able to ignore this brilliant book."--Orhan Pamuk Now, in a pioneering work of excavation, Turkish historian Taner Akcam has made unprecedented use of Ottoman and other sources--military and court records, parliamentary minutes, letters, and eyewitness reports--to produce a scrupulous account of Ottoman culpability. Tracing the causes of the mass destruction, Akcam reconstructs its planning and implementation by the departments of state, the military, and the ruling political parties, and he probes the multiple failures to bring the perpetrators to justice. As the topic of the Armenian genocide provokes ever-greater passion and controversy around the world, Akcam's work has only become more important and relevant. Beyond its timeliness, however, "A Shameful Act" is sure to take its lasting place as a classic and necessary work on the subject. Versandfertig in 6-10 Tagen


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