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Globalisation and its Impact on Indian Economy

Contents Preface. 1. Globalisation versus cultural diversity Indian scenario in view of UNESCO's endeavours/Priyavrat Shukla. 2. In the age of globalisation is Indian Swaraj reality/Vivek Mishra. 3. Evidences of globalisation a bird view/A.K. Pandey. 4. Globalisation and emerging challenges/Umesh Kumar Dubey and Hement Thankappan. 5. Globalise or Perish/G.P. Tripathi. 6. Globalisation and India a SWOT analysis/Shailesh Choubey and C.S. Aronker. 7. Globalisation and economic development of India/H.N. Mishra. 8. Globalisation and economic restructuring in India and China an overview/O.P. Shukla. 9. Process of globalisation and implications for social sector/Shailesh Choubey and Rohit Balyani. 10. Entrepreneurship development in rural India and globalisation/C.S. Aronker. 11. Globalisation and Indian agriculture expectations and ground realities/N.G. Pendse and Aparna Goswami. 12. Challenges and opportunities of Indian agriculture with special reference to export in view of globalisation/D.D. Patel and Paritosh Dube. 13. Globalisation and SSI performance in India/Ashish Mishra and Narendra Shukla. 14. Shifting of workforce in the era of globalisation/Mrityunjay Kumar Singh. 15. Foreign Direct Investment Indian performance after globalisation/Ranjana Patel. 16. Globalisation and Indian financial system emerging issue/Malti Nigam. 17. Impact of globalisation on Indian capital market/Gyanandre Tripathi. 18. NPAs management and securitization act hopes and doubts/N.C. Tripathi and Manish Shah. Index. Globalisation is a phenomenon that has many dimensions i.e. economic cultural environmental and political. Almost every aspect pertaining to the issue of globalisation is a subject matter of vital academic debate. The term globalisation is widely and generally applicable in the economic and commercial perspective. Nevertheless its impact range encompasses cultural and philosophical dimensions as much as fundamental principles pertaining to the culture and philosophy of a particular nation or society are likely to interact with the changed situations arising in the state of globalisation. Globalisation of course cannot be held responsible for all threats to diversity but the scale and rapidity of globalisation process today are exhibiting an added dimensions of danger one that need timely and effective remedy fore it is rather late. This volume contains 18 research papers by authors from all regions of India. It is hoped that the volume will be highly useful for students scholars professors planners and policy makers. 186 pp.


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