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The Bean Straw

Taschenbuch This book features cartoons that wallow in the surreal. They are the quirky ruminations from the deep recesses of the author's mind. The ordinary and mundane are twisted into the strange and fanciful. Please, you need not worry. This is good, clean fun for the whole family. These cartoons are light on the art and concentrate on the comical. Proceed no further, if you are expecting sophisticated cartoon art. However, if you are looking for the unusual and eccentric, then welcome to the bizarre and funny world of The Bean Straw. Versandfertig in 6-10 Tagen


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Filipovic, Elena (Director,...-David Hammons BOOK NEU

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This is a cartoon book with 125 single panel illustrations of the strange a nd fanciful. You will see the mundane twisted into the quirky; the rational gives way to the hypothetical: What if Dracula bit a bear? What would a ca t prefer for a scratching post? What happens if you have an apple-shaped he ad, and you walk into an archery club meeting? How do slugs discipline thei r children? How can Jedi mind tricks best be used in an office meeting? Wha t would dogs have in their reading library? What kind of music do cows list en to? If you have spent your life searching the earth for the answers to t hese questions, then welcome to the bizarre and funny world of The Bean Str aw.


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Alice Takes Back Wonderland

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